Terbo Ted Artist Statement

Arttitud.  Arttitudy.  I discovered Arttitud in San Francisco not long after it opened in Spring, 2011, and have been fascinated by its unique blend of furniture showroom/design center/art gallery aesthetics ever since.  The works I present here are made specifically for Arttitud, and very literally represent a design process within the space.  Physical objects that are now on the wall started as computer sketches on my laptop, made while sitting in the showroom and staring at the various furnishings and objects on display: there’s a direct dialog with things like Vernor Panton’s classic op art carpets on the floor, or the square and rectangular foam furniture from Sixinch in Belgium.

I’m never that comfortable presenting art in an art gallery; to me, art in an art gallery is like music in a music store; a great place to discover something new perhaps, but not to truly appreciate it. At Arttitud, it’s more than just an art gallery, there’s a dialog between the furnishings, where ‘every piece of furniture is a work of art.’  There’s a lot more going on than just art on the walls.

While the idea of you purchasing some of the works here directly from the wall is pleasing- go for it(!)- the design studio process at Arttitud is something you can tap into to transform the world around you.  We can create custom artworks specifically for your desires, anything is possible if we make it happen.  For a serious collector, I am very willing to create commissioned works, starting with design sketches created here in the space with showroom owner Tatiana Takaeva’s direct input and oversight.  We can make more than what is shown here: we can print custom wallpaper, or print on a range of weather safe materials like aluminum or thick plexiglass.

Arttitud Showroom owner Tatiana Takaeva

For the past decade I’ve focused on making extremely durable mixed media objects, primarily on found plywood, which I like for its strength and character.  Some of the pieces I present at Arttitud are made on found plywood that initially came to the Arttitud showroom from Europe as shipping materials from high end furniture manufacturers like Artifort or Sixinch; the apple plywood sent from Holland for example is more sublimely exotic than what can be easily found in the San Francisco Bay Area.  To transform these materials into art evokes a sort of ‘green’ harmony within the space.  To compliment the durability of the plywood works, I’ve also recently been working with prints on plexiglass and PVC.  These materials are extremely long lasting, and the 6 color CMYK process I use is weather and UV resistant; some of these works can be displayed outside, in full sun and weather for years before the colors deteriorate.

To the future!

Terbo Ted
aka Theodore Terbolizard

@3 years ago