Terbo Ted Artist Statement Fluid.com Installation

I’ve been telling people over and over again that I much prefer to show my works outside of the traditional gallery environments.  Art is so much about context and dialog.  Art in an art gallery is like music at Guitar Center.  Showing art here at fluid.com evokes a lot of dialog that I find very interesting.

As a child, my father ran a small ad agency that specialized in various graphic and printing production for Silicon Valley tech firms, companies that changed the world through innovation.  Even though today’s digital agencies are far evolved in terms of tools and application of their services, much of that era my late father lived in echoes through a place like fluid.com.  I feel at home in a place like this.  My father had bold graphics painted on his walls in the 70s and 80s, stimulating the senses.

Looking back through my own adulthood, I lived and breathed the dot com era here in San Francisco.  In the 90s was a regular visitor to places like WIRED and Razorfish, digitally focused shops that were full of wild eyed Californian optimism, and a confidence we were changing the world— because we were.  Fluid is very much descended from those heady days, although times have certainly changed in the last decade and a half.  With this installation, I very consciously made an effort to conjure the lurid, bold pixel colors that adorned the WIRED and Razorfish offices.  The 90s are so far in the past now, we’re not that far away from young hipsters romanticizing that era, and if we’re going to get into retro nostalgia, let’s take the best bits.  We can change the world and be bold and colorful!  Yes!  Sometimes we forget this. 

There was a study out in Europe earlier this year that scientifically proved how visual appreciation of art releases dopamine in the brain, a chemical reaction that is similar to the feelings of being in love.  This year, I have prolifically made a great amount of op art pieces, focused on stimulating the cones and rods in the eye- teasing the senses- a chemical reaction layered on top of the chemical reaction referenced in the scientific study I just mentioned.  When I make these pieces with lurid colors or vibrating patterns, I’m trying to literally stimulate myself as I hard as I can with only my eyes.  I see people walk by these works, and so many times, they turn their heads and smile, or laugh and grin.  I can’t think of a better thing to put on the walls, especially in an office where everyone here can help change the world.

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